Adipic acid - Feather Dance
Chloro-anthraquinone - Froggy
Methylparaben Crystal Weave - Fuschia Thumb
Propylparaben - Sky Thumb

Crossed Polars - Microscopy Art

These images are photomicrographs of crystalline material as viewed with a polarized microscope. The material may be examined as-is, or heated to melt and then allowed to freeze at room temperature. The specimen is viewed between polarized filters, crossed at 90°.

Adipic acid - Feather Dance
Chloro-Anthraquinone - Froggy

What we see are colors produced by interference of light waves after passing through the substance in different vectors and at different speeds, yeilding striking contrast and effects. The colortation is thinkness dependent and solid form-specific. Most solids have three-dimensional symmetry (crystalline) and even semi-solids form liquid crystals of two-dimensional symmetry, like soap. Both inorganic and organic substances can yeild beautiful colors and structure when viewed in this manner. The large images are printed on an Epson Ultra-Chrome K3 2400 printer on Epson photo grade paper.

Scott has an undergraduate degree in Biology from WMU, but his keen interest in microscopy and crystal chemistry began during assignment in Quality Control at the Upjohn Company in the 70's. He is a Kalamazoo, MI native and legacy Upjohn-Pharmacia-Pfizer scientist with R&D and product launch experience. He is now Princial Consultant for Ultramikro, LLC, a particulate matter control advisory company and Crossed Polars microcrystalline artworks.